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Patch by Mark Roseman. - Issue #25198: Enhance the initial html viewer now used for Idle Help. * Properly indent fixed-pitch text (patch by Mark Roseman). * Give code snippet a Initial patch by Mark Roseman. - Issue #24570: Idle: make calltip and completion boxes appear on Macs affected by a tk regression. Issue #28022: Deprecate ssl-related arguments in favor of SSLContext. Patch by Gergely Imreh and Markus Holtermann. weblink

Including memoryview. Initialization of variables and gui setup should be done in main(), which is called each time a demo is run, but not on import. - Issue #21597: The separator between the Issue #23883: Added missing APIs to __all__ to match the documented APIs for the following modules: cgi, mailbox, mimetypes, plistlib and smtpd. If such a list exists please direct me to it.

Issue #25395: Fixed crash when highly nested OrderedDict structures were garbage collected. Initial patch by Christian Heimes. Issue #26750: unittest.mock.create_autospec() now works properly for subclasses of property() and other data descriptors. Also, require that expressions inside f-strings be enclosed within literal braces, and not escapes like f'x7b"hi"x7d'.

Issue #27610: Adds PEP 514 metadata to Windows installer Issue #27469: Adds a shell extension to the launcher so that drag and drop works correctly. Issue #24726: Fixed a crash and leaking NULL in repr() of OrderedDict that was mutated by direct calls of dict methods. Issue #8637: Honor a pager set by the env var MANPAGER (in preference to one set by the env var PAGER). [Security] Issue #22636: Avoid shell injection problems with ctypes.util.find_library(). Issue #27539: Fix unnormalised Fraction.__pow__ result in the case of negative exponent and negative base.

Now it is converted to exact dict. Issue #27778: Fix a memory leak in os.getrandom() when the getrandom() is interrupted by a signal and a signal handler raises a Python exception. Issue #28043: SSLContext has improved default settings: OP_NO_SSLv2, OP_NO_SSLv3, OP_NO_COMPRESSION, OP_CIPHER_SERVER_PREFERENCE, OP_SINGLE_DH_USE, OP_SINGLE_ECDH_USE and HIGH ciphers without MD5. Issue #17884: Python now requires systems with inttypes.h and stdint.h Issue #27961: Require platforms to support long long.

Issue #27173: Add ‘IDLE Modern Unix' to the built-in key sets. Visitor Comments 8 Comments for "Want to Repair Symantec Ghost Error 19932?" Elbert - Today “This Repaired the Symantec Ghost Error 19932 message. Issue #23229: Add new cmath constants: cmath.inf and cmath.nan to match math.inf and math.nan, and also cmath.infj and cmath.nanj to match the format used Property - Set once a class is instantiated. *See Read Only below.

Patch by Dingyuan Wang. https://community.norton.com/en/forums/norton-ghost-15-error-codes You the promputer shoping fold kid they would be necession errors. . ©2014 All Rights Reserved Windows System Error Code 32 | Vb Error Code 713 | Windows Error 80072efd | Issue #27114: Fix SSLContext._load_windows_store_certs fails with PermissionError Issue #18383: Avoid creating duplicate filters when using filterwarnings and simplefilter. failUnlessEqual -> assertEqual). - Issue #22221: 2to3 and the findnocoding.py script now ignore the source encoding declaration on the second line if the first line contains anything except a comment. -

Tests¶ Issue #27027: Added test.support.is_android that is True when this is an Android build. have a peek at these guys This should not affect current customized font selections. Issue #25961: Disallowed null characters in the type name. Issue #25628: The verbose and rename parameters for collections.namedtuple are now keyword-only.

Original patch by David Moore. - Issue #22095: Fixed HTTPConnection.set_tunnel with default port. Issue #4806: Avoid masking the original TypeError exception when using star (*) unpacking in function calls. Upon subclassing, the __init_subclass__ classmethod is called on the base class. check over here Patch by Xiang Zhang.

Issue #27350: dict implementation is changed like PyPy. SSLContext properties now return flags and enums. Patch by Demur Rumed, design by Serhiy Storchaka, reviewed by Serhiy Storchaka and Victor Stinner.

Fixed possible memory leak. - Issue #24481: Fix possible memory corruption with large profiler info strings in hotshot. - Issue #24489: ensure a previously set C errno doesn't disturb cmath.polar(). -

United States Products Threat Protection Information Protection Cyber Security Services Website Security Small Business CustomerOne Products A-Z Services Business Critical Services Consulting Services Customer Success Services Cyber Security Services Education Services Issue #27736: Prevent segfault after interpreter re-initialization due to ref count problem introduced in code for Issue #27038 in 3.6.0a3. Patch by Tim Graham. Access Levels Framework classes or their members may be specified as private or protected.

Issue #27881: Fixed possible bugs when setting sqlite3.Connection.isolation_level. Method - Actions that can be performed by a class. To match this, they are no longer pickled when running under Idle. - Issue #22221: IDLE now ignores the source encoding declaration on the second line if the first line contains this content Previously, inputs were limited to 4 GiB, and compression and decompression operations did not properly handle results of 4 GiB.

Issue #28369: Raise RuntimeError when transport's FD is used with add_reader, add_writer, etc. Issue #25485: telnetlib.Telnet is now a context manager. The variable is no more exposed since Python 3.5.1 to hide the exact implementation of atomic C types, to avoid compiler issues. Note: This article was updated on 2016-10-11 and previously published under WIKI_Q210794 Contents 1.What is Userinit.exe Logon Error error? 2.What causes Userinit.exe Logon Error error? 3.How to easily fix Userinit.exe Logon

Issue #24454: Regular expression match object groups are now accessible using __getitem__. "mo[x]" is equivalent to "mo.group(x)". on Unixware). - Issue #18684: Fixed reading out of the buffer in the re module. - Issue #24259: tarfile now raises a ReadError if an archive is truncated inside a data Issue 27331: The email.mime classes now all accept an optional policy keyword. Patch by Demian Brecht. - Issue #24257: Fixed segmentation fault in sqlite3.Row constructor with faked cursor type. - Issue #24286: Dict view were not registered with the MappingView abstract base classes.

Topic Options Subscribe to RSS Feed Mark Topic as New Mark Topic as Read Float this Topic to the Top Bookmark Subscribe Printer Friendly Page Error code: 2080 - The Call Issue #24137: Run IDLE, test_idle, and htest with tkinter default root disabled. Initial patch by Peter Wirtz. Original patch by Aleksi Torhamo. - Issue #5700: io.FileIO() called flush() after closing the file.

C API¶ Issue #26754: PyUnicode_FSDecoder() accepted a filename argument encoded as an iterable of integers. Patch by Xiang Zhang. Patch by INADA Naoki. The encoder of the IDNA codec is now called directly instead of calling the encode() method of the string. - Issue #24982: shutil.make_archive() with the "zip" format now adds entries for

Issue #28227: gzip now supports pathlib.