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Gentoo Error Running Sbin Depscan

ThemeWelcome · log in · join Show navigation Hide navigation HomeReviewsHowChartsLatestSpeed TestRun TestRun PingHistoryPreferencesResultsRun StreamsServersCountryToolsIntroFAQLine QualitySmoke PingTweak TestLine MonitorMonitor GroupsMy IP isWhoisCalculatorTool PointsNewsNews tip?ForumsAll ForumsHot TopicsGalleryInfoHardwareAll FAQsSite FAQDSL FAQCable TechAboutcontactabout uscommunityISP And today I think if you encounter anything stable that depends on a ~x86 package, it is a bug, and should be filed as such. > > My file is empty?! Please run > > * #/sbin/depscan.sh > > * to fix this. > > > > Well, of course I do run that script and it does absolutely > > See: HowTo: Install a program from source. http://xhpcreations.com/gentoo-error/gentoo-error-running-sbin-depscan-sh.html

Free forum by Nabble Edit this page You are using an outdated browser which puts all net citizens at risk. Use it only if you are sure that the local package has not been altered by evildoers. emerge --ask --resume --skipfirstSame as above, but skip the first pending package. Create your own and start something epic.

So I wondered if something might be wrong with one of the paths it points to, but I didn't really have much luck following that up (/etc/init.d at least didn't look As an incentive to upgrade to a current and thus much more secure product (we recommend the free Firefox browser), you won't be able to visit this site in its cute I don't believe I updated anything sensitive. Next Speed Upgrade Rumor - 50Mbps upload [OptimumOnline] by radioguinea225.

This seemes to have solved my problem. No output has been shown. Taking a break from Windows Update [Security] by camper259. No output.

It sounds like something crucial to the system. Register. 06-07-2010 #1 curiousgirl View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Articles Just Joined! Thank you for considering a browser update! http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r20532386-Gentoo-depscan-sh-problem I don't know if any of this is helpful, but I figure if you know where I messed up, you'll either figure out this problem or possibly avoid one in the

I had alot of trouble with gentoo-dev-sources and mm-sources, but had luck with (as in that's what's running this rig now) the ck-sources. Plus it seems there is such a LONG lag before > things are marked as stable. If I had some clue as to what might be causing this I could look for that specifically, but the whole stumbling in the dark method is getting me nowhere. It should have > several hundred lines in the form of: > > RC_DEPEND_TREE[0]=69 > RC_DEPEND_TREE[10]="consolefont" > RC_DEPEND_TREE[10+2]="keymaps localmount" > RC_DEPEND_TREE[10+3]= > RC_DEPEND_TREE[10+4]= > RC_DEPEND_TREE[10+5]= > RC_DEPEND_TREE[10+6]="local" > > You can

emerge --ask ={PACKAGE}-{VERSION}Install a specific version of a software package, great for downgrading. https://www.neowin.net/forum/topic/112211-gentoo-service-dependancy-problem/ Well I think ~x86 is generally usable, but you do have to be a bit more cautious. But if the file exists > and is newer than the configuration in /etc, it will not do anything, > even it if deptree is empty. Did it get mounted? -Richard -- [hidden email] mailing list Bugzilla from [email protected] Reply | Threaded Open this post in threaded view ♦ ♦ | Report Content as Inappropriate ♦

I'd check to see if it's emerged.Yes I have gawk installed. this content No output. Please run > > > * #/sbin/depscan.sh > > > * to fix this. > > > > > > Well, of course I do run that script and it Try booting off the CD then do # lspci and # rc-update show to see what the LiveCD found and setup.

Thank you for your feedback. School Busses[50] Verizon's 'FiOS Deployment' to Boston Will be Mostly Wireless[47] Watch Google Unveil Its New Pixel Phones (and More) Here[47] AT&T Promises Gigabit Fiber to 11 Additional MarketsMost Active Forum Run /sbin/depscan.sh In reply to this post by Daevid Vincent Daevid Vincent: > How can I do that when I don't have networking?! :( > > > -----Original Message----- > > weblink I would recommend booting using the livecd and then chrooting into your environment and trying to fix the system from there. -- Randy Barlow http://www.electronsweatshop.com "Oh me of little faith..." --

It tries to read /var/lib/init.d/deptree, and looks for a specific variable to be set that indicates the dependacy information was read. Friday night and weekends tend to have a delay till Monday -- where your email gets lost in a sea of others and deleted. Powered by vBulletin Version 4.2.2Copyright ©2000 - 2016, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.

No anything.

Yes, that's my bet too, maybe a baselayout update followed by a wrong etc-update?! Of course. HTH Sergio -- [hidden email] mailing list Daevid Vincent Reply | Threaded Open this post in threaded view ♦ ♦ | Report Content as Inappropriate ♦ ♦ RE: Dependency info Anyone else encounter this marvelous thorn in their side too or better yet, have a solution? -- [hidden email] mailing list Sergio Polini Reply | Threaded Open this post in threaded

Thanks you very much for the amazing guide. I decided to reboot to make sure everything was going to be good and no surprises... gawk: /lib/rcscripts/awk/gendepends.awk:506: fatal: expression for `>>' redirection has null string value * Failed to cache service dependencies [ !! ] I'm not a fan of Gentoo, so I really don't know http://xhpcreations.com/gentoo-error/gentoo-cups.html I've stopped the update process with ctrl-c in order to turn the PC off.

Start a wiki Community Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I've learned to not upgrade my servers unless needed, and I use my notebook as the "testing ground". I can't get networking to work. "/etc/init.d/net.eth0 start" gives the same error, as does any other script in that directory. "ifconfig" just returns nothing. When I run it here, it creates a new depcache file. · actions · 2008-May-24 1:54 am · PaulgDisplaced YooperPremium Memberjoin:2004-03-15Neenah, WI

Paulg Premium Member 2008-May-24 2:20 am It was created

equery listList all installed packages. /Gentoo/sbin/depscan.sh --updateFixes error "Re-caching dependency info (mtimes differ)" which sometimes occurs after installing ebuilds. What does emerge -pv gawkgive you? After invoking gawk, depscan.sh runs/var/lib/init.d/depcache.