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How To Check If Port 21 Is Blocked On Your Computer


When I install 4.1.9, I don't get an option to use FTPS. Additionally, the FTP was designed to operate over communications channels where packets travel directly to their destination, and not in today¬s environment where there may be a transparent intermediary that is Transfer fails Using Windows XP SP3 AYss Guest Posted: 2009-04-23 12:58 Re: [BUG] FTPS - Copying files from remote side failed. [Reply with quote] I have the same problem. - FTPS If required, please consult your firewall administrator or vendor for advice. http://xhpcreations.com/ftp-error/ftp-error-162-port-failed.html

Top Profile Reply with quote Display posts from previous: All posts1 day7 days2 weeks1 month3 months6 months1 yearSort by AuthorPost timeSubject AscendingDescending Post new topic Reply to topic Page I've tried multiple ways of downloading the file. Try to connect to the FTP server using the Windows FTP client. For a list of commands supported by your FTP server, type QUOTE SITE HELP in the FTP Client command window. http://www.ncftp.com/ncftpd/doc/misc/ftp_and_firewalls.html

How To Check If Port 21 Is Blocked On Your Computer

Top Profile Reply with quote robajz Post subject: Re: Failed to retrieve Directory ListingPostPosted: 2014-03-02 16:21 Offline 504 Command not implemented Joined: 2010-11-10 16:24 Posts: 9 First name: Robin Waiting for welcome message... Open the Windows Task Manager and see if CuteFTP is listed more than once. 425 Cannot open data connection.

Unable to connect: Connection time out: The hostname may be incorrect or the FTP server may be behind a firewall. My put command line below: C:\WinSCP>WinSCP.com /command "option batch continue" "option confirm off" "open -implicit -certificat certstring -passive ftps://domain\userid:[email protected]" "put C:\Temp\Testfile.log /filetransfer/logs/Testfile.log "close" "exit" batch continue reconnecttime 120 confirm off Connecting For technical support, please contact Support.

Ftp Errors And Solutions When a transfer is initiated (on the control connection), the control connection is idle until the transfer (on the data connection) finishes.

Top Profile Reply with quote devknob Post subject: Re: Failed to retrieve Directory ListingPostPosted: 2010-05-29 06:27 Offline 500 Command not understood Joined: 2010-05-29 06:16 Posts: 3 First name: devon 425 Can't Open Data Connection For Transfer Of "/" Looks like. Although we participate on answering your questions, we encourage contacting our support team if you need quick guaranteed response times. Note: If you change the file name, you will also need to change links in Web pages that point to that file name. 10,000 series Winsock error codes 10054 Connection reset

Click the Windows Start button, then choose Control Panel. (In Windows 8, type control panel at the Start screen and press enter.) Choose Programs (this may be called Programs and Features). Sftp Error Codes Please note thatwe do not provide bespoke troubleshooting/configuration for firewalls. Troubleshooting Categories Troubleshooting suggestions are grouped into the following categories: General Troubleshooting Failed Installations Failed or Dropped Connections File Transfer Issues File or Directory Display Problems Contacting Technical Support For efficient thanks, Albert martin [View user's profile] Site Admin Joined: 2002-12-10 Posts: 24665 Location: Prague, Czechia Posted: 2016-01-18 Re: I get the same message but with version 5.7.6 [Reply with quote] agofman

425 Can't Open Data Connection For Transfer Of "/"

If a transferred file is not usable (for example, you cannot unzip a zipped file, run an executable file, or read an ASCII file), make sure that the Transfer Method on This is a significant problem since the client program may wish to continue using the FTP session, such as downloading additional files. How To Check If Port 21 Is Blocked On Your Computer All Rights Reserved. Ftp Error Codes If your site has a passthrough server, use the Passthrough Server settings in the Site Properties dialog box to configure the FTP Client.

Code: . 2009-04-23 13:55:03.126 File: "/out/20090423.zip.gpg" . 2009-04-23 13:55:03.126 Copying "/out/20090423.zip.gpg" to local directory started. . 2009-04-23 13:55:03.126 Binary transfer mode selected. . 2009-04-23 13:55:03.126 FtpControlSocket.cpp(2140): FileTransfer(32634992, FALSE, 0) OpMode=0 OpState=-1 Some codes represent errors, while most codes simply communicate the status of the connection. Client: LIST Server: 150 Data connection accepted from; transfer starting. Error connecting with SSL: The FTP server does not support SSL, or you are using implicit SSL and it only supports explicit, or the wrong port number is being used. Ftp Connection Timeout

Now I think I've cracked it (with the help of advice from a lot of very helpful members). Logged in user does not have permission to store files on remote server. 550 Requested action not taken. In the tracker, I see Bug #474 and Bug #489 are reported as Resolved/Fixed, but then again those pertain to empty files, and my issue is not restricted to empty files. have a peek here If you are using implicit SSL then you probably need to use port 990 instead of port 21.

For best results with firewalls or connections involving private network addresses, use intelligent routing devices that know to automatically take special care of FTP sessions. Failed To Retrieve Directory Listing Once the command window is open, type this text and press "Enter": telnet ftp.tigertech.net 21 You should see these two lines (among others) in the response: 220-This is a private system I've turned off Windows firewall and my antivirus but it has made no difference.

Error 421 User limit reached Error 421 You are not authorized to make the connection Error 421 Max connections reached Error 421 Max connections exceeded Possible Solutions You can receive that

I've yet to get all 10 files copied in one session. You will find my address (if you log in) in my forum profile._________________Martin Prikryl martin [View user's profile] Site Admin Joined: 2002-12-10 Posts: 24665 Location: Prague, Czechia Posted: 2009-08-16 Re: Still The server does not support this command. 503 Bad sequence of commands. 504 Command not implemented for that parameter. 530 Not logged in. 227 Entering Passive Mode For more information on connecting through a firewall with Reflection FTP Client, see Technical Note 1059.

Server: 226 Listing completed. If an "Access denied" message displays when you attempt to transfer a server file to your PC, check to see if you have a read-only file in the PC destination directory When this happens, a client user cannot use PORT because the FTP server cannot connect back to the client program listening ephemeral port number, and a client user cannot use PASV Check This Out Client: USER anonymous Server: 331 Guest login ok, send your e-mail address as password.

Top Profile Reply with quote boco Post subject: Re: Failed to retrieve Directory ListingPostPosted: 2014-03-03 19:50 Offline Contributor Joined: 2006-05-01 03:28 Posts: 22710 Location: Germany If that log you Connection mode is passive (PASV). Check with the system administrator for known problems or the presence of a firewall or passthrough proxy server. The general solution for this problem is that the routing device needs to special-case the FTP protocol, and when there is activity on a FTP session's data connection, it must mark

NOTE: The information below is only offered as a courtesy to assist you in telling your Internet Service Provider what the error is so that they can help solve your issue. The range of ephemeral ports that need to be opened up is dependent on the configuration of the server machine that is running the FTP server software -- not the ephemeral Thank you for your feedback! Try again later. 451 Requested action aborted: local error in processing.

always a simpler solution before going to the complicated stuff and i don't even think the Network Configuration doc covered that, but hope this helps!!! If you see a "Connection timed out" message when trying to connect to an FTP server, increase the Connect Timeout setting to give the server more time to respond during the If your connection drops after a period of inactivity, increase the Session Timeout setting. Connect to other FTP sites (such as ftp://nssdca.gsfc.nasa.gov/) to see if the problem occurs on multiple FTP servers.

Top Profile Reply with quote uk2k05 Post subject: Re: Failed to retrieve Directory ListingPostPosted: 2009-06-02 14:17 Offline 500 Command not understood Joined: 2009-06-02 14:05 Posts: 1 First name: Stuart It works. Milloflex Guest Posted: 2009-06-21 11:28 [Reply with quote] Not sure if this is the same problem... 1. Why PASV Poses Problems for Firewalls [Contents] When an FTP server is behind a firewall, there can be problems when FTP clients try to use passive mode to connect to an