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Ftp Error 451 Record Too Long

The file transfer terminates abnormally. 451 Magnetic tape volume cannot be mounted Explanation: The requested data set is currently allocated to another user, or otherwise cannot be mounted at this time. Refer to accompanying messages to determine appropriate action. 501 Invalid or conflicting parameters, command ignored Explanation: Invalid or conflicting parameters are specified in the command. 501 Invalid value on RECFM keyword Click for details on Google calendar. As a security precaution, TCPaccess will not accept its own user ID for a signon attempt. 550 Bad member name or generation index specified Explanation: The name supplied for the member Source

Mainframe SYNCSORT Maintenance Calendar: NWRDC Maintenance Where: NWRDC Start date: Monday, October 17th Start time: 05:00am End time: 06:00am Northwest Regional Data Center (NWRDC) would like to inform you of upcoming Action: Retry the FTP transfer later, or contact the tape librarian or operator for an explanation, as appropriate. 451 Requested magnetic tape unit(s) not available Explanation: Either all tape units of The EXPDT parameter is ignored. Error Descriptions for Keynote Services Transaction Perspective and Application Perspective FTP Service Mobile Web Perspective Mobile Device Perspective Transaction Perspective and Application Perspective Errors These error codes are assigned by Keynote

The Agent is unable to match strings if they had carriage-control characters inserted into them when they were placed into the Web page's HTML. The attempted operation did not complete due to security reasons or an invalid catalog structure. Action: Change the file name 550 No matching entries were found entries Explanation: A directory command (LIST/NLST) was received, but no entries were found to match the request.

Click for details on Google calendar. If you experience issues after the maintenance has concluded or have any questions, please contact the NWRDC Operations Team at (850)645-3500, [email protected] Questions? Note: The following replies will be prefixed with the number sequence 200- (rather than 500-), if the FTP configuration option SITEREPLY(200) is specified. 550 Unable to create unique data set name

Action: Contact your local external security System Administrator. 530 Userid is not defined to the security system Explanation: A signon was attempted using an unknown user ID. Explanation: A SITE DCBDSN command was received, but the model data set does not reside on a direct access device. Action: Retry the FTP transfer when device(s) are available. 451 Tape mount wait time expired; request cancelled Explanation: The wait time specified in the configuration or on a SITE command for Explanation: This message indicates that the FTP transfer has aborted.

A member name must be supplied. This message is sent when the PDS member is tied up by another user. 451 Aborting transfer, network block header invalid Explanation: A block mode (Mode B) file transfer was in Explanation: The PORT command was accepted. 200 Site command was accepted Explanation: The SITE command was accepted. 200- % Free Free Largest Free Explanation: This reply is issued by the FTP It specifies no action other than that the            server send an OK reply.   The File Transfer Protocol follows the specifications of the Telnet   protocol for all communications over the control connection. 

dsname Indicates the data set being transferred. Action: Verify HSM is supported by the host operating system or HSM uses SVC 109 (x'6D'). IT Support NWRDC Click for details on Google calendar. Action: Contact your local external security System Administrator. 530 Password is not authorized for this userid Explanation: A signon was attempted with an invalid password.

System code is xxx - rc Explanation: During either End-of-Volume (EOV) or close processing, the data management DCB ABEND exit was driven. Directory is possible full Explanation: A CLOSE macro was issued after writing a member of a partitioned data set and an ABEND SB14 occurred indicating an I/O error occurred while updating Insufficient storage space in system. -30500 Syntax error, command unrecognized. HELP (HELP)             This command shall cause the server to send helpful            information regarding its implementation status over the            control connection to the user.  The command may take an            argument (e.g.,

The return code is rrrrrrrr . 451 Request cancelled by operator Explanation: A request to mount a tape was cancelled by the operator. The FTP Server can read from, but not write to, these files. SCRATCH failed or expiration date not reached. http://xhpcreations.com/ftp-error/ftp-error-47-invalid-record-declaration.html Questions?

Records truncated n Indicates the total number of records truncated because the record sent was larger than the record size for the file. Please notify the sender immediately if you have received this communication in error and delete this email from your system. There are reply codes to differentiate these cases for the automation: when account information is required for login, the response to a successful PASSword command is reply code 332.

Abort Invalid PDU. 832 Abort Invalid TID.

The last line will begin with the reply code, followed immediately by , optionally some text, and . Explanation: GET using PUTGET (automatic retrieval of a submitted job) resulted in no batch jobs. No Link With These Parameters. 897 No Such Access Key No Such Access Key 898 No Such Link Pattern Found. Subsequent data transfers which cause data to be written to the file system by the FTP server will be written to a dummy data set (NULLFILE).

This may include errors such as command line too long. 501 Syntax error in parameters or arguments. 502 Command not implemented. 503 Bad sequence of commands. 504 Command not implemented for File name not allowed. An IPL is performed before production services are made available by 6:00AM. Cannot configure the network layer protocols. (Mobile error.) 808 Connection reset by peer Connection reset by peer.

We're here to help. Read the TCPaccess Customization Guide for more information about ACEXIT00. STORE (STOR)             This command causes the server-DTP to accept the data            transferred via the data connection and to store the data as            a file at the server site.  If the This exit extracted the error data listed in line two of the error via the SYNADF macro.

Action: Make sure file your submitting from has a valid MVS job card. 550 Timeout waiting for submitted job to end. Saturday, October 29th NWRDC Planned Network Maintenance Calendar: NWRDC Maintenance Where: Northwest Regional Data Center - FSU, 2048 E Paul Dirac Dr, Tallahassee, FL 32310, USA Start date: Saturday, October 29th Otherwise, change the DCBDSN data set name. 500- Unable to locate DCBDSN dcbdsn_name . ACCESS CONTROL COMMANDS          The following commands specify access control identifiers         (command codes are shown in parentheses).

SYNAD data is jobname , stepname , unit , type , ddname , operation , error , address , BSAM. Action: A SITE command was received that contained a keyword parameter which specified an over-long subparameter Action: Read the TCPaccess User's Guide for a list of SITE parameters and syntax. 500- This message is preceded by one or more 500 replies. Thursday, October 20th NWRDC Cloud Infrastructure Services Atlanta Maintenance Calendar: NWRDC Maintenance Where: Northwest Regional Data Center - FSU, 2048 E Paul Dirac Dr, Tallahassee, FL 32310, USA Start date: Thursday,

MyKeynote Help We welcome your comments and suggestions about this help system or about MyKeynote. Reply codes: 200 500 501 502 421 530 550 STRUCTURE MOUNT (SMNT) This command allows the user to mount a different file system data structure without altering his login or accounting Note on Internal Keynote Errors reported in Data Feed, Data Pulse, and Raw Data Downloads A large number of detailed error types, referred to as 'internal errors' are reported in Data Mein KontoSucheMapsYouTubePlayNewsGmailDriveKalenderGoogle+ÜbersetzerFotosMehrShoppingDocsBooksBloggerKontakteHangoutsNoch mehr von GoogleAnmeldenAusgeblendete FelderNach Gruppen oder Nachrichten suchen IBM MAINFRAME & MVS FORUM A Help & Support Forum for Mainframe Beginners Skip to content Board index ‹ PROGRAMMING

If it is a fully-qualified data set name, enclose it in single quotes. 500- parameter parameter is unrecognized. The file transfer cannot continue. 553 Bad data set name syntax Explanation: The file name specified is incorrect, or it violates the syntax or naming conventions defined by the remote host. Each reply text is recommended rather than mandatory, and may even change according to the command with which it is associated.