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Best 500 Error Pages


Designed in collaboration with Code & Theory Mashable We're using cookies to improve your experience. Microsoft's 404 error message15. Not this one. The Server tried all of its options before returning this page to you.

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Definitely a 404 error. 13. Blippy Head over to Blippy's 404 page for an adventure. Subscribe to HubSpot's testing Get the latest articles straight to your inbox.Enter your email address below: SubscriberSource 2 Topics: Design Pop Culture Subscribe to HubSpot's Marketing Blog Join 300,000+ fellow marketers! Why explain in a long report, all that could have gone wrong? http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/33766/10-clever-website-error-messages-from-creative-companies.aspx

Best 500 Error Pages

Make sure it's immediately apparent what your page is about and provides your visitors with the information they're interested in. Nishita: Error 404 - Not Found Sorry, the page you were looking for was not found. Using a bit of humor or otherwise making your maintenance page entertaining helps to improve your site's image in the eyes of visitors inconvenienced by the downtime. A link to the homepage is more than enough.

Blue Daniel This 404 error page is a beautiful depiction of "Track 404," a fictitious NYC subway line. Hopefully this makes lost users feel a little less alone. 10) Blizzard Entertainment Here's a simple idea that ends up looking really cool: Blizzard Entertainment's 404 page is a "broken" version Soindustry makes offers its users to submit their e-mails to get notified when the site is online again. 8. Examples Of Good Error Messages No big deal.

Most Read Most Shared 1The 18 best photo collage maker tools 2The 32 best photo apps 3The best free graphic design software 416 essential photo editor apps 5The 22 best free Website Down For Maintenance Message Is it a thing that can be truly said to exist? It is high time to reconsider if the job is better left to an improved default 404 provided by web servers where it naturally belongs. 1. visit The full error message can not be displayed without a horizontal scroll panel in small less than maximized browser windows or on small screens with low resolution.Why should the links be

Search this site: SEARCH Archives by month: […] Archives by subject: […] The tries-to-be-smart-but-fails variety: Chaotic Soul: Problem? Server Down For Maintenance Message Perhaps searching will help. Go to www.microsoft.com and provoke an error yourself to see if message has become better.The error message of Microsoft does not look like an error message but as a sitemap. Tweet us @HubSpot to continue the discussion. 52 Comments Previously: 4 Tips for Competing with Mega Stores This Holiday Season Next up: Emails Looking Funny in Outlook?

Website Down For Maintenance Message

Designed in collaboration with Code & Theory Menu Search Jump to the content Smashing Magazine Smashing Pages: Books eBooks Tickets Shop Email Newsletter Jobs About us / Impressum Categories: Coding Design http://mashable.com/2012/04/04/funny-404-error-messages/ Perhaps searching will help. Best 500 Error Pages Abduzeedo Yes, Houston, a 404 is definitely a problem. 3. 404 Error Page Template Jolie Poupée Jolie Poupée, creator of eco-friendly children's clothes, serves up an audience-appropriate 404 on its site. 23.

England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Yahoo's 404 error messageYahoo's 404 error cached 2006-07-07. A confusing mixture of suggestions and a sitemap. I'm not saying you don't, just that I have never had to use one. 404 Error Message Text

You don't want users coming to a 404 or other error page. It even returns a "200 OK" status code!Figure 16: Alistapart's error message is far from best practices.The 404 error message of alistapart.com is even a horror of fixed DTP pseudo webdesign Dark Wood: 404 - Page Not Found Oops! Most of the haiku were written by Basho, but there were others. "No sky, no earth The snow Keeps falling" That's a prism for contemplation.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol 3. Error Message Examples Text CSS-Tricks Well, that can't be good. 14. Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton's 404 page is just the ticketIn the name of balance we totally checked out Donald Trump's 404 page and it was thoroughly uninspiring, but at least inoffensive.

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Try searching below: Chateau: What you were looking for doesn't exist or isn't here anymore. Note the link to "Webmaster FAQ", that is frequently asked questions to the webmaster, and the link "Webmaster". Available from September. Funny 500 Error Pages Speed Networking Attendees making lots of connections in a short period of time during Speed Connections. 10. "The War Room" This is where the stories about Mashable Connect were created. 11.

Jakob Nielsen's 404 error messageJakob Nielsen's 404 cached 2006-07-07. Home Star RunnerThis 404 page features amusing characters, downloads and shouts "404'd" at youAudio can be very effective when combined with visuals on a web page, especially as we're still in Thanks for sharing them here. The requested URL /[name of the file] was not found on this server:Figure 2: The default 404 error message in Apache.It is nice that Apache includes the name of the requested

SureDev Many 404 error pages apologize for the error. The short and the expanded error message 9. Let us have a brain storm for a good error message:Status code 404 must be included in the HTTP header.Be short, friendly and precise.Have the look and feel of the website.Should Grooveshark39 keeps their header and basic color scheme in tact. 40 StumbleUpon41 also keeps their header and logo in tact, and even the colors used in the illustration echo their brand

Structure: Not Found, Error 404 The page you are looking for no longer exists. If that's the case, you'll need to build a custom maintenance page. Hakim El HattabThese creepy eyes follow your cursor around the pageA 404 page designed for .net magazine, this time by Hakin El Hattab, this HTML5 experiment features creepy eyes that follow Clayman discussed the iPad-only publication's first few months and its goals for the future. 6.

Smashing Book #5, our new book on real-life responsive design. It looks like nothing was found at this location. This idea is great also for 404 error messages and have been used for a long time in webpages and dialog boxes.Figure 5: The "More Information" section in the 404 error Ebay's 404 error messageEbay's 404 error cached 2006-07-07.

From helpful stormtroopers to bawling babies, some sites give a little extra effort to ease those 404 blues. The latter can be done either via e-mail, SMS or a tweet. Or maybe it's just fate. It doesn't need to do anything beyond that.

Wikipedia's 404 error message18.