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GTM-56KM3 PCI LEMKOR-33662-M5-E GTM-56KM4, USR/TI PCI Winmodem chipset (PCI\VEN_12B9&DEV_1006&SUBSYS_009214E9&REV_00) PCI 6QOKOR-35120-FB-E Garnet GTM-56KH6 PCI 6QOKOR-35360-FB-E Garnet/Jungang EMC GTM-56KH4A PCI LNQ . Pro-Nets Technology . 5PHTAI-33572-M5-E Pro-Nets/Blue Moon HPI56M, Motorola chipset PCI ? Diamond Multimedia . 4V4USA-25573-PT-E Model 2500/2510/2520/2540, Supra PCI 56i/Sp/Voice, Lucent LT WinModem chipset (PCI\VEN_11C1&DEV_0441&SUBSYS_044111C1): SUP2500 PCI 4V4USA-27172-M5-E Model LT2500, Supra 56i PCI PCI 4V4USA-25708-M5-E Model 2380 (SUP2380) SupraExpress 56i PRO [P/N All rights reserved. http://xhpcreations.com/driver-zoltrix/driver-zoltrix-xp.html

Could not get modem to work with Manufacturer files. MediaForte Products . Downloaded this one and it worked like a charm. it appears to be an early RH56D-PCI chipset and may not work with Linuxant drivers.

Robotics 56K Internet Call Modem, AD1807JS chipset (PCI\VEN_12B9&DEV_1007&SUBSYS_00C712B9&REV_00) PCI Matt Wyrick 4X2USA-35197-M5-ECJEMUL-35739-M5-E Model 0778, 56K/14.4K d/f modem PCI ? Allied Data Technologies . ? DM-56V14HCF, Rockwell HCF chipset PCI ? Encore ENF656-PCI-LUPR, Lucent/Agere 1648C (Mars-3.2) chipset PCI ?

Johnson H52PT-3515 Hamlet 56K Voice internal H56PCIS, Conexant RS56SP-PCI, R6793-11 (HSF) chipset PCI Giuseppe Mammano H52PT-35155OITAI-33329-M5-E Model PT-3515, V.90 Software Modem, Rockwell RS56-PCI R6793-12 (HSF) chipset (PCI\VEN_14F1&DEV_2015&SUBSYS_201514F1&REV_01) (PCI\VEN_127A&DEV_2005&SUBSYS_2005127A&REV_01) PCI 5OITAI-35513-M5-E Puretek win modem, Rockwell R6795-12 (MonoPak HCF) chipset PCI ? Aztech Systems . 4J2SNG-25080-M5-E 56K PCI Modem, Model MDP3858-U, MDP3858SP-U, MDP3858V-U, Rockwell HCF chipset (PCI\AZT_4002) (PCI\VEN_127A&DEV_1002&SUBSYS_4002122D):-U (PCI\AZT_4003) (PCI\VEN_127A&DEV_1005&SUBSYS_4003122D):SP-U (PCI\AZT_4010) (PCI\VEN_127A&DEV_1005&SUBSYS_4010122D):V-U PCI ? 56K PCI Modem, Model MDP3858V-A, MDP3858SP-A, Rockwell HCF chipset Hayes Microcomputer Products .

CIS Technology (Wisecom) . 4O9TAI-25865-M5-E4O9CHN-25935-M5-E WS-5614PVD *, Lucent Mars2 chipset (LT Winmodem) PCI Robert MacDougall, Andrew L Apple 4O9TAI-27302-M5-E4O9CHN-33696-M5-E WS-5614PM2A(G), WS-5614PM3A, Hawking PN576 (PM3A version), WS-5614PS3A / WS-5614PS3A(G) with speakerphone, OEM Billionton . 5HRUSA-27001-M5-E HSP Micromodem BM56-SD (PCTel 1789) PCI 6QXTAI-35281-M5-E Billionton MI56R3B-CBF/SBF/CNF/SNF internal Mini PCI 56K/14.4K d/f modem ? 6QXTAI-35659-M5-E Billionton/Cadmus Micro MI-LMRE3A Mini PCI 56K/14.4K + LAN modem card ? Pine Technology . ? Broadcom . 6KYUSA-35115-M5-E Broadcom VNIC, ILINE10/V.90, BNC94211, PCI 56K/14.4 d/f modem with home LAN PCI 6LP .

thanks though )" Was this review helpful? (Report this) 4 of 5 people found the following review helpful: Shadow 29 Mar 2001 Installation: Stability: Compatibility: "This driver also Puretek Industrial . Actiontec 56K PCI Lite, Model PCI56069-10, PCTel Micromodem chipset PCI ? Help us by reporting it Need help?

Robotics 56K Fax Win Int. Amigo Technology . ? Win Modem PCI 56 CTR 21 (SN 983437 to 1151232), Rockwell HCF chipset (PCI\VEN_127A&DEV_1005&SUBSYS_D4601467&REV_01) PCI ? A56-HCF host-based modem PCI P5JUSA-25494-PT-E A56SP-HCF, Rockwell MonoPak HCF chipset PCI LEM .

GC789, PCTel 789 HSP chipset PCI 5CHCHN-33708-M5-EIIAUSA-33260-M5-E 56K PCI Modem PCT1789, GC1789, PCTel 1789 HSP MicroModem chipset PCI 5CN .Bay Networks . 5CNTAI-34334-M5-E HomeNet Card Model PA301, 56K fax/10 mbps Ethernet Check This Out TurboComm Tech . Multi-Tech Systems . Thank you so much!!!" Was this review helpful? (Report this) 4 of 5 people found the following review helpful: Michael Cooney 13 May 2002 Installation: Stability: Compatibility: "AST

IFAXDM56V14H1JBTAI-25959-M5-E DM-56V14/PCI, DM-56V14HSF[/5], Motorola 62412-51 chipset PCI Aristide Aragon IFAXDM56V14H1JBTAI-25959-M5-E DM-56V14/PCI, DM-56V14HSF/2, Rockwell RS56/SP-PCI (HSF) chipset PCI Jeff, Gerard Lanois IFAXDM56V14H1JBTAI-25959-M5-E DM-56V14HSFi/2, Conexant HSFi chipset (PCI\VEN_14F1&DEV_2F00&SUBSYS_200414F1) PCI ? IBM . DXZTAI-25428-M5-E IJ-5614RPS/RPV, Rockwell HCF Data Fax PCI DXZTAI-25751-M5-E IJ-5614CPS, Cirrus CLM Data/Fax/Voice PCI Michael Douglass E2O . Source Kingston Technology . 3M5TAI-35886-M5-E Kingston KCNR156, PCI 56K/14.4K d/f modem with LAN PCI 4J2 .

Aureal Semiconductor . Pro-Nets HPI56M II Motorola SM56 PCI-2 chipset PCI 5PHTAI-35873-M5-E VPI56SP, Rockwell HCF chipset (PCI\VEN_14F1&DEV_1035) PCI 5PHTAI-35873-M5-E HPI56SP, Rockwell R6793-11 (MonoPak HSF) chipset (PCI\VEN_127A&DEV_2005) PCI 5QV . Robotics PCI 56K FAX Winmodem (PCI\VEN_12B9&DEV_1006&SUBSYS_007F12B9&REV_00) PCI 4X2USA-34111-M5-ECJEMUL-35737-M5-E 56K PCI Model 0711 d/f/v modem PCI 5AK .

KLZ11085QVSNG-23653-PT-E Commwave PCI V.34 PnP PCI Sunil Thulasidasan 5QVSNG-25391-M5-E CommWave 56K PCI LT Win Modem, Model 56LU-PCI, Genica/ GCT CW56LU-PCI, Viking Model RFM56KPCICL, Paradise CW56LTPCIWB-V2, requires Lucent "Linmodem" driver PCI John

OEM (Mx-)I202, Intel HaM chipset (VEN_1813&DEV_4000) PCI ? driverr7649kf.zip [more] Windows 95 & 98 56IP driverPtsnoop.exe [more] Windows 95 & 98 for the PCTEL HSP56 Monster! SmartLink 56PCI-L V.90 Voice/Data/Fax, Lucent LT Winmodem chipset PCI FI7M5088004 SmartLink 5634PRS Software Modem, Conexant CX11252-11 (HSFi) chipset PCIRob Clark FI7MEID56FI7TAI-33176-M5-E SmartLink 5634PEW Win Modem, ESS 2898 Teledrive chipset requires ESS Golden Melody MM56PCI, Motorola SM56 PCI-1 chipset PCI 5OV .

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18 Jul 2017 Home Companies Scan Search HSP Modem Drivers Download HSP Modem Drivers - 767 drivers found Apache Micro Peripherals . Toshiba Satellite 2590XDVD notebook modem, Lucent chipset PCI Noëlle Bendersky CJ6JPN-34292-M5-E Model SMMDMUS1 for Toshiba PC notebook (Toshiba Satellite Pro 4260), Lucent LT WinModem (PCI\VEN_11C1&DEV_0441&SUBSYS_00011179&REV_01) PCI Andika Trd CJ6JPN-34962-M5-E Model KWMDMWW2, http://xhpcreations.com/driver-zoltrix/driver-zoltrix-56k.html This is an odd duck...

Robotics 56K Voice Win Int "Avenger" Model 3597, AD1807JS chipset (PCI\VEN_12B9&DEV_1007&SUBSYS_00A412B9&REV_00) PCI ? Fujitsu Personal Systems . I KURIER 56K PCI intern, Bestell-Nr. 1895, Rockwell HSF chipset PCI ? Upload Driver or firmware or documentation Membership Free Premium Plus Premium Pro Site Beginner's Guide F.A.Q.

Jjang, Lucent chipset PCI 5NU . Robotics PCI 56K FAX Voice Winmodem for Dell (PCI\VEN_12B9&DEV_1006&SUBSYS_005D12B9&REV_00) PCI ? Harmony USA . ? Freetek Technology . ?

Robotics PCI 56K FAX Winmodem, AD1807JS chipset (PCI\VEN_12B9&DEV_1007&SUBSYS_00C312B9&REV_00) PCI 4X2USA-34110-M5-E U.S. H4TFM-PIB3C1B9USA-25853-M5-E Model FM-PIB3PC, Zoltrix Phantom 56K FM-HSP56PCI, PCTel 1789 (HSP) chipset, requires PCTel "Linmodem" driver PCI Dariusz Goiński, Nir Herskovitz ? PCI56MO, Motorola SM56 chipset PCI G9TTAI-27127-M5-E PCI56RVP+, Rockwell HCF chipset (PCI\VEN_127A&DEV_1025&SUBSYS_102513DF&REV_01) PCI G9TTAI-27154-M5-E PCI56PVP+, PCTel 1789 chipset PCI G9TPCI56RVPG9TTAI-32469-M5-E Bullet PCI56RVP, Rockwell RLVDL56DPF/SP R6785-61 11229-14 chipset (PCI\VEN_127A&DEV_1005&SUBSYS_100513DF&REV_01) PCI Mike Ashburn G9TTAI-33010-M5-E win modem, Rockwell R6785-62 (HCF) chipset PCI ?

Gateway Solo 3100/3150, Lucent LT WinModem (PCI\VEN_11C1&DEV_044A&SUBSYS_04401668) PCI Stefan Müller-Stach LNQUSA-33290-M5-E LF560LHQ-03(I) Notebook Modem (Gateway Solo 9150), Lucent LT WinModem (PCI\VEN_11C1&DEV_0448&SUBSYS_04401668) PCI LNQUSA-33437-M5-E Actiontec Model PCI56012-01/PM560LKi; Gateway Telepath 6001022 "Deadwood"; GVC Model 5699-00, U.S. driverr7649kf.zip [more] Windows 95 & 98 56IP driverPtsnoop.exe [more] Windows 95 & 98 for the PCTEL HSP56 Monster! Garnet Systems .

TechSpot is a registered trademark. H8NTAI-34687-M5-E Askey/OEM V1456VQL19R[-1](INT), MagicXpress MX56-19R(INT) internal, Fujitsu Lifebook C-6555/C-6545/A-4170/C-6175/C-4175, Lucent LT Winmodem (Mars-3), Mini-PCI type IIIB (PCI\VEN_11C1&DEV_0450&SUBSYS_80A81033) PCI Marvin Budd H8NTAI-34262-M5-E Askey/OEM 1456VQH-C (ATH3=WBS) PCI H8NTAI-34688-M5-E Askey/OEM 1456VQL-C, MagicXpress MX56L-C PCI All rights reserved. Warpspeed Communications . 5JCUSA-33241-M5-E Onspeed PCTV-1789, (HSP Micromodem) requires PCTel "Linmodem" driver PCI Edison Suarez 5JT .Ariel . 5JTUSA-34311-M5-E Ariel RSA-400, 4/8-modem bank with Linux support PCI Ariel 5NJ .

AOpen FM56-PV, Conexant CX06834-11 chipset PCI ? RIGTAI-33503-M5-E OEM (Mx-)I101, Conexant (Rockwell) MonoPak HSF chipset PCI ?