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On the narrow highway, stay BEHIND the cop the whole way would be a good idea. I am 100% sure there were mobs cars in The President's Run going from side roads, but as you can see there are nowhere to be found. Car 17 is only available in the "bonus city" when you win the Undercover campaign, for example. System= Pentium III CPU 400 MHz RAM= 128 MB Size= 95 MB Video Memory= 32 MB OS= Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8 1. http://xhpcreations.com/driver-you/driver-you-are-the-wheelman-pc.html

However, there are a lot of them, and only one of you. There are also several driving games that can keep you occupied for quite some time.People who downloaded Driver (a.k.a. Driv3r Characters Calita · Charles Jericho · John Tanner · Tobias Jones Vehicles Driver: Parallel Lines Characters Bishop · Candy · Corrigan · Maria · Ray Davies · Slink · The c) Goto: Take Lucky home...

I've decided to split this segment, so it matches the one video per each city rule. b) Goto: Get her back to the hotel room, lose the bad guys. At first the game can be frustratingly difficult if you are unfamiliar with the terms used (slalom, speed, brake check) . That's slalom.

Unfortunately, you can't apply a blocking trick like I do at the very end since the street is very wide and he would easily spin me. -The Informant: I take shortcuts First turn is quite dangerous, I've tried many ways to do it, but always failed ramming to traffic, so brakes and cautiousness was the best way. If you just want to drive around causing havoc then free play is the choice for you. I made it 3 seconds slower than my best time, but as usually the last part of several missions in a row is the hardest one as you can see from

Apply the 1.2 patch, then define the "dead zone". The chase missions have randomly generated timer. The biggest problem was definitely a traffic. As the cable car approaches the corner, you should see your destination arrow change from the cable car to a spot near it.

Castaldi tells Slater to back off and shut up. The driving "feel" is just about dead-on. keep it up.. However, the drivable area is very small, and can be very buggy around the barriers.

There is also a LEVEL PATCH that patches some "holes" in the terrain. NOTE: Chase the cable car, but just follow it. Police cars tend to not be quite as careful, and you can usually peel off close pursuit this way. Instead, save the car for the next part, just follow it close. 5.6.1 M7: Ram the armored Car Chase [Difficulty 3/10]: Pursue/ram the armored van carrying Jean- Paul.

Getting to the garage is messy enough, getting to the Chinese Theater is worse! 7.3.1 M30: Pickup the Hitmen a) Goto: Go to the garage to pickup the hitmen in 120 http://xhpcreations.com/driver-you/driver-you-are-the-wheelman-pc-controls.html There are also no tricks, although you can pick higher speed (1-4 mph) when driving diagonally and you may think it would be faster to drive zig-zag on straight roads, but He also warns him that there is an FBI leak which is giving information to Castaldi about Maddox. If you commit an infraction in their vision zone, (infractions are listed in 2.3.2) your felony meter goes up, and they will start chasing you.

If that doesn't discourage them, start weaving through traffic. 3.6.3 Use the right route As police can respawn on ANY street in your forward hemisphere, the more streets around you, the They may not be all accurate. Tight corners into a wall at high speed is a good way to flip the car over, as are narrow roads, back alleys with those huge sand mounds, steep hills... 3.4 Source I prefer M38/40 because second part of M39 can be really nasty as you can't make it back to the hotel without picking up a tail. 8.1 GRAND CENTRAL STATION SWITCH

Sign in to make your opinion count. Enable FF under the options / controller. This run is on Easy and just a 2 minutes under one hour mark.

Tanner then either aids a gangster in scaring one of his former associates by taking him on a bumpy taxi ride, or takes a pickup truck full of heavy-duty explosives to

If there's room on the far right, go for it, and hope you can blow past him. Turn traffic density to lowest level. I tried Hard difficulty afterwards, but I couldn't finish "Steal a Cop Car", "The Maddox Hit" was really tough and "The President's Run" as well. There's no proportional throttle and brakes. 2.4.6 I tried to remap some controls and I can't exit the screen!

While M17 seems shorter, the second part can involve up to 4 cops, which is quite difficult in San Francisco. Storyline missions and free roam play make a winning combination. I'd vote for chasing since it's hard to damage that van, and you may need your car undamaged for the second part. 5.6.2 M54: Get Jean-Paul outta there... have a peek here The problem is, that you usually have to accomplish 2-4 missions in a row in order to save the game, but sometimes it lets you save just after one mission.

Find some traffic and peel him off. Otherwise police may appear. Using high speed maneuvers in an effort to “lose your tail” is one of the most challenging aspects of this game. Please fill out the CAPTCHA below and then click the button to indicate that you agree to these terms.

You can even look on from a variety of angles, a smile crossing your face when you come to the part where you tricked the cop into crashing, leaving him in Keep hitting right arrow until the "hood" pops up. Now hit ENTER. 2.4.2 Can you mix keyboard and joystick definitions? --V1.0 and V1.1: No. There is two program patches, and there's a map patch...

Cheats not present in the PlayStation version include Freight Train (cars don't slow you down), Play in Newcastle, Skip intro mission, and super speed for all playable vehicles. Show more Language: English Content location: United Arab Emirates Restricted Mode: Off History Help Loading... If Tanner has scared the associate, he takes a local gangster called Cosy to a chopper taking him out of town. The cops spring an ambush on Tanner, who then takes the gangsters to a safehouse near LAX.